For Jackson Hole locals or those otherwise in the know, sitting down to dinner at the Blue Lion might not actually require opening a menu.

“I’ll take the rack of lamb.”

Ned Brown, proprietor of the Blue Lion Restaurant

Ned Brown, proprietor of the Blue Lion Restaurant

This is the order put in by one third of all diners at the venerable Jackson Hole Restaurant of 25 years. We sat down with the Blue Lion’s owner, Ned Brown, to discuss his most popular dish, and how it came about.

The dish itself has been on the menu from the beginning, and is composed of a full rack of delectable, delicious lamb (one pound’s worth, to be exact). Brown sources the lamb from New Zealand because, quite simply, it’s the best. In a unique twist,  traditional mint jelly is switched out for the Blue Lion’s signature jalapeno mint dipping sauce. Znanhackxaterla domain technical data . Let’s just say if you haven’t tried this sauce yet, you are sorely missing out on the spicy-refreshing flavor combination.

Rack of Lamb at the Blue Lion - Jackson Hole Restaurants


Brown himself doesn’t much care for mint, and when he and his wife discovered a jalapeno mint combination while dining in Colorado, they took the idea as a souvenir back to the menu of their own restaurant. The lamb is also served with a rosemary peppercorn cream sauce so patrons can alternate between the two zesty options.

To best engage with the amalgam of tastes, Brown encourages visitors from out of town to put down the formal fork and knife and give “Wyoming style eating” a try. This means: use your hands. domain technical data . In addition, he recommends pairing the rack of lamb with a Merlot or Cabernet to complement its rich and robust flavor.

Even for Jackson Hole’s jet-setting diners, the Blue Lion’s rack of lamb stands out. Across the board, patrons lean back in their chairs afterwards to digest the superlative meal, insisting that this is “best lamb they’ve ever had.” Even swanky restaurants in New York and Los Angeles can’t hold a candle.

Our staff here at Jackson Hole Traveler would have to agree.


The Blue Lion from the street

If, for some reason, we haven’t yet convinced you that you simply must try the rack of lamb immediately, the Blue Lion’s creatively classic menu has many other appealing choices. Brown lists their summer potato crusted halibut as a personal favorite, and the Idaho-raised trout is also very popular with patrons looking for lighter fare. indonesia . Vegetarians can always swap out the green curry prawns for tempeh, while the elk and beef tenderloins are also well worth a try, with premium grass-fed beef sourced straight from the Teton Waters Ranch. Growing up in the valley, this writer is a long-time fan of the Chicken Frangelico, another popular staple of the menu.

Room for dessert? The Mud Pie is a continuing favorite with both locals and visitors.

Whether you’re seated in the cozy dining room of the converted historic house watching the snow fall or enjoying the relaxed outdoor ambiance of the Blue Lion’s deck during the summer, you’re always in for a treat. Just please, do yourself a favor. Order the rack of lamb.