Jackson Hole Restaurant's offer outside dining options in the summer.

Jackson Hole Restaurant’s offer outside dining options in the summer.

There is a seasonal resident who insist that his decision to buy property in Jackson Hole was based on his high regard for several Jackson Hole restaurants.  Not the wildlife, not the skiing, not the parks but the restaurants!  No doubt his logic is exceptional, but the fact remains that Jackson Hole is full of eateries of every description.

Most of the restaurants are in the town of Jackson, especially in the blocks around the Town Square. Others are found on the stretches of Broadway and Cache streets that lead in and out of town.  Another hub is found on the State Hwy. 390 in the vicinity of the Aspens-Teton Pines complex. Teton Village has at least eight restaurants for those who don’t want to come to town after a full day of skiing or hiking.  Wilson at last count had three restaurants.  Concessionaires in the park also offer a range of dining options.  And finally, if you are in a wandering mood, there are some popular restaurants south of town on Hwy 89.

Jackson Hole offer's various types of western dinner shows.

Jackson Hole offers various types of western dinner shows.

As locations vary, so do the cuisines. Ethnic bistros, American style cafes, elegant restaurants, espresso bars and franchises all vie for the Jackson Hole visitor’s attention.  A number of outfitters offer wagon and sleigh rides, raft trips, snowmobile and dog sled outings that combine food with an evening’s adventure.